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Government Contracting Specialists, LLC

Highly qualified and energetic Government Contracting Manager experienced in all aspects of Government R&D contracting and commercial item sales seeks short/long term consulting assignment(s) to connect businesses and organizations with research, development, and demonstration funding  and commercial item sales opportunities with the federal and state governments.


I formed Government Contracting Specialists, LLC in January 2011 to assist businesses and organizations with research, development, and demonstration funding opportunities and commercial item sales with the federal and state governments.

My consulting practice is focused on the area of clean energy, both fossil and renewables.

Current assignments include:
• Consulting with several Fortune 500 companies in the areas of biomass, biofuels, wind energy, and carbon capture.

• Introduced client to senior DOE – EERE personnel to begin positioning campaign; client is now recognized as a key supplier of technical solutions to the biofuels area.

• Assisting client with existing contracts in all areas of contract management from timekeeping to developing use fees for equipment used in the program.

• Assisting client in contract negotiations with the DOE in developing protected data list, completing petition for advanced waiver of patent rights, and developing the subcontract agreements.

• Assisting client in responding to DOE solicitations, including proposal strategy, proposal development, and setting up red team reviews.

Learn how GCS can help you to use government partnerships as part of your open innovation work process.

Capture Government Funding

Government Contracting Specialists, LLC (GCS) can identify ways your company can capture federal and state government funding to leverage in-house research capabilities and accelerate the commercialization of new products. Give your company a competitive edge by tapping into GCS's experience and knowledge in developing winning strategies to leverage government funding including assistance with proposal development and all aspects of contract administration, as well as access to the right people at various government agencies to achieve a successful match.

How Can GCS Help?

GCS will work to understand your firm’s technology objectives, developing a strategy to best achieve these objectives by identifying R&D funding sources, and then developing and executing a market plan to bring you and the government customer together to achieve your goals.  

GCS will work with you to develop a winning proposal once the funding source has been identified.

After selection, GCS will assist in all aspects of contract negotiations and ongoing contract administration, including audit management, contract accounting, protection of intellectual property, reporting, timekeeping.

GCS can help you develop a sustainable process for idnetifying and managing government funded R&D contracts.

GCS can help you develop a focus account management plan to cultivate and maintain relationships with the appropriate government agencies and major prime contractors.

GCS can help you develop an R, D, and D lobby process that is integrated with your government relations and PAC efforts to capture more government funded contracts.

Government Contracting Specialists, LLC

Philip W. Winkler, Managing Principal


Please contact Phil Winkler for more information:

(484) 515 - 9072